"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in Speech, in Conduct, in Love, in Faith and in Purity" - 1 Timothy 4:12

Who are Be?

Be is the Youth and families work of Milford Baptist Church in Surrey. Over the years 'be' has become more than just a youth group that young people attend weekly. It has become a way of life in which young people can have real values to live by that assist them to live their faith practically in the world.

Why Come to Be?

We provide a safe place young people can build relationships and engage in fun activities, including our fantastic hunting in the dark, amazing arts and crafts, delicious baked treats, brilliant ball games and most importantly buckets full of fun where your child will feel safe and secure in an environment they can grow in independence and confidence.

Our Values

Our values inform our vision to see young people firstly belong through being accepted within a community where they can freely celebrate who they are through relationship. Secondly, believe through sharing their life stories of faith with others around them and growing as they hear and experience the moments that strengthen their spiritual life and faith. And finally, empowering young people to be love in the wider community, setting an example in love, faith, conduct and character. 


When we place all our values together we become an empowered community with a cause. We seek to put into practice what our values have taught us and be the difference in our world.


The first part of belonging is being accepted. At Be. we accept you regardless of your race, genda, sexualiy and beliefs. It is important to us that young people are themselves. 


Unity, peace and harmony can be hard to come by today. At Be. we aim to help young people belong through understanding the value of working together as a team.


It is important to all the leaders at Be. that we build appropriate, responsible, fun and long lasting relationships with young people in order to help them succeed.


Being apart of be means seeking spirituality. As a community we seek to share stories of faith with each other.


Finally, It is important that we empower the young people to live out what they learn at Be. To become love to others.

We are the young people of Milford Baptist Church, Surrey, UK.
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