Our Top 10 Youthwork Games


Here are our top 10 faviourte games that our young people love to play. Starting with number 10 first! 

10. Ballon Stomp

9. Treasure Hunts

8. The Chocolate Game

7. Kingdom (Aka Empire)

6. Ninja

5. Psycho (Aka Virus)

4. Sardines

20 mins/no equipent/ 10 or more people/outdoors and indoors/no prep

One person goes and hides, everyone else tries to find them and then must hide with them as quietly as possible, until eventually there is one person left looking for everyone else. 

3. Water In The Face

2. Dodge Ball

10 Mins +/Softballs 10 or more people/outdoors and indoors/no prep

The group is split into two different teams. They then stand on opposite sides of a dividing line in the centre of the gym/hall. There are two or three balls thrown in the centre of the gym. The object is to get a ball and throw it at your opposing teammates without crossing the line. If you hit them below the waist then they are out of the game and must sit on the sidelines. If the ball is caught in the air without hitting anything else, then the thrower is out of the game. The object is to eliminate the entire team. Option: Instead of being out for the game, the player may switch sides and play for the other team. Use soft balls!

1. Capture The Flag

We are the young people of Milford Baptist Church, Surrey, UK.
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