Keeping you safe

Information you give to us, whether you are an adult or a young person will be respected by all staff and we won't tell anyone outside of Milford Baptist Church without your permission. However, because your well-being and safety are the most important things to us it may sometimes be necessary to tell someone else if we believe there is a risk of harm or danger to you or any other child, young person or vulnerable adult. Where possible, we will keep you informed of what's happening

Please ask a member of staff if you want to know more.

Data Protection - What we do with information you give us

To help us support and work with you, Milford Baptist Church will need to keep information that you tell us about yourself in your Consent Form.

The information is kept in a paper file and on computer - you can see it at any time, just ask one of the leaders. Your information will always be kept safe and secure.

Milford Baptist Churchwill use the information you give us:

  • To contact you
  • To provide research, numbers and facts about our service, but we do not include your name or identify you if anything is published.
We are the young people of Milford Baptist Church, Surrey, UK.
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