Be. Creative is a service for the children of Milford to explore the Christian faith in new, fun, exciting and creative ways . Be. Creative meets once a month at Milford Baptist Church where parents are always invited to stay and chat over tea or coffee with a biscuit or to simply kick back and relax. Every Be. Creative is followed by a reflective service for the church, you are more than welcome to stay for this service to! 

The theme for this year is "Passion Flower & New People"

Time: 9:30am - 10:30am


•OCT 7th 10 - Commandments 

•NOV 4th - Passion flower Plant 

•DEC 2nd - Christmas special 

•JAN 6th - Fruits 

•FEB 3rd - Crown of Thorns 

•MAR 3rd - 3 Nails 

•APRIl 7th - Easter (21st) NO BE. CREATIVE 

•MAY 5th - 5 Wounds /Doubting Thomas 

•JUNE 2nd - Blind man's Conversion 

•JULY 7th - Saul's Conversion

We are the young people of Milford Baptist Church, Surrey, UK.
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